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Constrained Storytelling

“Explain to me how photosynthesis works… Great job. Now explain it to me in half the words… Excellent. Now do it again.” Call me Mr. Miyagi. After graduating from college, I tutored high school students. If you ask any of the students who I tutored, they would probably describe my style as “frustrating.” Any time they […]

TechWatch Q&A Series: Introduction

I’m very excited to share that I will be answering questions from Japanese readers weekly on the TechWatch Blog, a technology blog supported by East Ventures. This is a copy of my introduction post in English. If you can read Japanese, take a look here: “Software is eating the world.” – Marc Andreessen, co-founder of […]

I Believe Every Lie That I Ever Told

I’m not a lyrics connoisseur, but occasionally I’ll hear a line I can’t stop thinking about. In high school, it was from “Air Force Ones,” a heartfelt ode to sneakers. The line was “I treat my shoes like my ride.” It made as little sense then as it does now – I bought my shoes […]