22 Lessons Learned in New York

After returning from a last minute trip to New York (for reasons I cannot share yet), I want to share 22 quick lessons I learned. Can you relate to any of them?

1. Why is Uber taking over New York? I couldn’t walk more than a block without finding a cab.
2. Someone as poised as a major news network anchor still needs cues from time to time
3. Warm weather always beats cold weather
4. Off-broadway performers are more coordinated than I will ever be
5. There is always a way to connect with someone
6. Flying into Laguardia is much easier than JFK
7. Always have google maps open while in a cab to monitor the trip
8. Don’t be afraid of the competition – try them on your head


9. Avoid connecting flights as best you can
10. 4am is a lot later than it seems
11. Starbucks wifi is optimized for customer turnover
12. Product demos always have a problem – bring a spare needle and thread in case
13. Land ownership in Burgundy is really confusing
14. Strong showers are critical to my happiness
15. You cross from friend to really good friend when you pick fuzz off his fleece
16. Always take pictures
17. McDonald’s chicken nuggets are good at any time of the day
18. If you want something ask for it, worst case they say no which is the same as not asking
19. When playing serious ping pong, make everyone use the same paddle
20. Dance floors are locked on Mondays
21. Drinking wine with a sommelier changes how you think about wine
22. Chicken wings in the bathroom make shower time delicious

Am I missing anything?

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