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This Year’s Resolutions

After skipping on New Year’s Resolutions last year, I think it’s time to go back to what worked: writing them down and making them public. Two years ago I made these 3 resolutions. I stuck to two of them, and cooking / eating healthy ended up becoming a habit. To keep the same structure I […]

What I Learned My First Time on Live TV

This week I shot my first live TV segment for FOX on the Napwell (, the world’s first napping mask and a Kickstarter project I launched with one of my longtime friends, Justin Lee. Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston Having never been on live TV, here are 11 things that I learned: […]

My Experiment to Have More Meaningful Conversations

My typical day is filled with 3 kinds of conversations. 2-10 seconds. I like to call this a “freshmen dorm conversation.” I’m now five years removed from college so I’m not sure if I’m still allowed to make college analogies but here it goes: you see someone who you lived with in a freshman dorm […]

Want an internship at a startup? Offer Something.

On the way to my first meeting during my sophomore year summer internship, my boss stopped me in the hall: Boss: Neil, where are you going? Me: I thought we have a weekly meeting…? Boss: Where’s your pen? Notepad? Always be prepared to offer something at every meeting. I was startled. It was only my […]

Keep your New Year’s Resolutions by starting small

Who invented the New Year’s resolution? If Hallmark invented card-giving holidays, maybe the resolution was invented by 24 Hour Fitness?  There is nothing wrong with having large, ambitious goals – it’s just sad to see so many discarded because people don’t know where to begin. For me, the only type of New Year’s resolution that […]

3 tricks to better public speaking

Hello, my name is Neil Joglekar and I am the co-founder of ReelSurfer (YC S12). Last week, Christian and I were invited to give a guest lecture at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon. We talked about 3 things we have done right as a startup and 3 things we did wrong as a […]

Stop what you are doing and say thanks

A startup is a lot of work. Sometimes I get so bogged down in what we are doing that I don’t stop and take the time to say thanks. In fact, I just read this article about Shervin Pishevar and one of his secrets to success is that he frequently thanks people publicly.   So, […]