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What’s the One Thing that Makes You Happy?

I don’t usually gain insight from the morning radio. Yes, when in the car I still listen to the radio, but between songs this morning DJ asked, “What is the one thing that makes you actually happy?” My first thought was the weather (it’s 75 degrees and clear skies as I write this). Then I […]

22 Lessons Learned in New York

After returning from a last minute trip to New York (for reasons I cannot share yet), I want to share 22 quick lessons I learned. Can you relate to any of them? 1. Why is Uber taking over New York? I couldn’t walk more than a block without finding a cab. 2. Someone as poised […]

I Can Haz Title?

It took me a year and a few months but I feel like I’m finally breaking through with my writing and my blog. In fact it was the only resolution that I struggled with from last year. I wrote 2 posts last week and plan to have 2-3 this week. Did you miss them? Subscribe to […]

31 Things I Learned Traveling in Europe

I had not been to Europe in 13 years, crazy right? That’s why I was so thrilled to represent San Francisco at the Annual Curator’s Meeting of the Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum and then travel for a few days in Rome. While reflecting on my trip, I wanted to share 31 things […]

New Year’s Resolutions Revisited

Now that it is the end of July, I want to revisit my New Year’s Resolutions to see how I’ve been doing. As opposed to a completely new post (especially for those who did not read my original resolutions) I thought it would be fun to annotate my old post.  Resolution 1  5 Year Vision: […]

Which Ben Affleck acceptance speech do you prefer?

For me the best part of any awards ceremony is the acceptance speech. I’m always crossing my fingers for either a complete train-wreck or something heartfelt and well done because I can learn from both. This is my favorite from this year – Ben Affleck after Argo won Best Picture. ;   Watching this speech […]

I finally started a blog

Who knew the hardest part about starting a blog was picking a theme? I probably looked through hundreds before deciding that the simplest one (and one of the first 5 I looked at) was the best. And no, I never considered paying for one.  To quickly introduce myself, my name is Neil (you could probably […]