I Believe Every Lie That I Ever Told

I’m not a lyrics connoisseur, but occasionally I’ll hear a line I can’t stop thinking about. In high school, it was from “Air Force Ones,” a heartfelt ode to sneakers. The line was “I treat my shoes like my ride.” It made as little sense then as it does now – I bought my shoes at Costco and did not own a car.

I miss this Nelly

Then, I heard “The Man,” and it made me only think of being an entrepreneur.

I believe every lie that I ever told. – Aloe Blacc

Every entrepreneur constantly pitches, to investors, employees, customers, advisors, family, friends and in those pitches he or she shares the dream of a better future and how to achieve it. Hindsight makes some of these statements truths and some of them lies, but, at the time every entrepreneur believes them and that is what matters.

Well said Mr. Blacc.

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