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22 Lessons Learned in New York

After returning from a last minute trip to New York (for reasons I cannot share yet), I want to share 22 quick lessons I learned. Can you relate to any of them? 1. Why is Uber taking over New York? I couldn’t walk more than a block without finding a cab. 2. Someone as poised […]

What Guyana Taught Me about Startups

I am a proud member of the Global Shapers, a program created by the World Economic Forum to empower millennials in cities all over the world to make a local impact. Conversations with international Shapers are inspiring. They give me alternative perspective, both cultural and geographic, and I try my best to use their wisdom […]

I Can Haz Title?

It took me a year and a few months but I feel like I’m finally breaking through with my writing and my blog. In fact it was the only resolution that I struggled with from last year. I wrote 2 posts last week and plan to have 2-3 this week. Did you miss them? Subscribe to […]

How Will Smith Helped Me Develop My Co-Founder Test

The number one question I get asked about startups is “How do I find a co-founder?” The short answer is that it is really, really tough. You need to find someone that you work well with, complements your skillset, shares similar values, and you get along with. At least that was my answer until I […]