Stop what you are doing and say thanks

A startup is a lot of work. Sometimes I get so bogged down in what we are doing that I don’t stop and take the time to say thanks. In fact, I just read this article about Shervin Pishevar and one of his secrets to success is that he frequently thanks people publicly.


So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving week, I want to say thanks to: 

My friends – for NOT being startup people and keeping me relatively sane

My parents – for supporting my decision to not work in finance and take a job that paid nothing

Cee-Lo Green – for inspiring our infamous “forget-you” list

Jim Harbaugh / Andrew Luck – for making Stanford football relevant

My sister – for being my #1 editor / copy writer / promoter

Y-Combinator (and my batchmates)– for challenging me to make something people want

My girlfriend – for being a sounding board for crazy ideas and late night brainstorming

The AMC network – for allowing me to try new lines of work as an advertising executive, meth dealer, and zombie

Our advisors – for supporting our growth not just as a company but also as individuals

Our investors – for fueling our dreams and supporting our long-term vision

ReelSurfer team – for making every day exciting, inspiring and fun

But, the thing that I am most thankful for is that our journey is just beginning.


Who do you need to thank? Stop what you are doing right now and tell them.


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