Which Ben Affleck acceptance speech do you prefer?

For me the best part of any awards ceremony is the acceptance speech. I’m always crossing my fingers for either a complete train-wreck or something heartfelt and well done because I can learn from both. This is my favorite from this year – Ben Affleck after Argo won Best Picture.



Watching this speech made me wonder what his speech was like when Good Will Hunting won the Oscar in 1998. Take a look:

Amazing, right? What a difference 15 years can make. I’ve now watched each of these speeches at least 10 times, and I still can’t decide which I like more.

The speech from 1998 has the impulsive, charismatic charm of two whiz kids that came out of nowhere to create a hit. It was unrehearsed, raw and probably connected with anyone that feels lucky to be doing what he or she is doing.

The speech from last night had the measured, professional tone of someone who expected to be there. Affleck seemed to reflect on his past success and his relationship with the entertainment industry. Given the swings of his career, I’d say it was an inspiring message.

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  • Chandrashekhar 02/26/2013 on 5:41 pm

    Awesome! I mean both are genuine and awesome but like you point out, the earlier one is totally raw and amazing!

    • neil Chandrashekhar 02/26/2013 on 5:53 pm

      Yeah it’s amazing how great the difference is.

  • Mario Wunderlich 02/26/2013 on 5:49 pm

    I’m not sure I like Ben Afflek that much. His latest film, Argo, felt a lot like kissing Hollywood ass and maybe that’s why he won? Haha, I’m joking… partly. By far my favorite hollywood award acceptance speech was Orson Welle’s 1975 Lifetime Achievement Award speech. You can check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXJnxClGamA


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